General Cabin Rules

  1. If you have a question, a problem or see something unsafe, point it out immediately. I am available every day, my door is always open.
  2. For safety purposes, please use the sign-in sheet and include names of everyone in your group.
  3. If you are paying with cash or check, please pay upon check-in. Make checks payable to Freedom River Adventures.
  5. If you find something damaged or broken or something doesn’t work, let me know as soon as possible. If you broke it ….. own up to it.
  6. No loaded firearms on the property. No shooting on the property.
  7. No smoking in the house. Butt cans are provided on the front and back porches. Please don’t throw butts’ on the ground.
  8. Medical facilities are 90 minutes away. There is EMS in Elk City. Life Flight is an hour away and very expensive. Play safe.
  9. We are literally on the edge of a National Forest/Wilderness area, about 3 million acres in size. There are many varieties of wildlife including predators. Be aware of your surroundings. I have seen snakes but none poisonous.
  10. You may see an occasional mouse, a few ants and spiders, and chipmunks in and around the house. Please don’t put food out for them. I make every effort to trap and spray for them. Please keep foods stored properly.
  11. I recommend, if you are going for a day of exploring, leave a note on the kitchen table with a general location of where you are going. And emergency contact information.
  12. No unattended fires outside. Extinguish outside fires before leaving. Keep fires to a reasonable size.
  13. Do not open the electric service panel.
  14. Occasionally the power goes out no notice, there is a flashlight on every refrigerator. It is recommended to keep your own flashlight within arms reach when you go to bed. It is very dark when the power is out. The only place to cook is on the grill. It is very likely the power is out in town also.
  15. I personally clean the cabin between guests, I have been breaking and repairing stuff in this cabin for 25 years, I know just about everything about this cabin.
  16. Check in is 3pm. Check out is 11am