Blue Cabin

House Rules

  1. PARKING. Do not park on the grass. Additional parking is available in front nearer the road.
  2. WATER. The house water comes from a spring, it produces a limited amount of water, depending on the time of year. If you are unsure about drinking spring water, some bottled water is provided and it is available at the store in town.
  3. WATER USAGE. There is ample water for basic domestic use; showers, dishes and toilet. However, during certain times of year doing laundry, washing cars, using water for anything other than necessary domestic purposes may result in NO WATER and once it’s gone, it’s gone until the spring produces more…..DON’T WASTE WATER in the summer.
  4. PLUMBING. The cabin is on a septic tank, there is no sewer, there is no garbage disposal. Only water should go down the sink, any solids should go in with wet garbage. No feminine products in the toilet. Plastic bags are available beside the toilet.
  5. GRILL. When finished grilling, insure the grill is off and the propane tank is off.
  6. TRASH. Bags are provided under the sink. Smaller white inside, larger, black outside. When the outside can is full it can be disposed of at dumpsters in town or let me know and I will take care of it.
  7. WASHER/DRYER. Use sparingly, check water levels (ask me) before using.
  8. PHONE. There is a phone in the greenhouse to use for emergencies.
  9. INTERNET. There is no internet service in the Blue Cabin. Internet is available in Elk City at the gas station.
  10. TELEVISION. There is no TV in the Blue Cabin. There is a DVD player available and numerous DVD’s in the bookcase. Please return disc’s to their case when finished.
  11. LIGHTING. Please turn off the TV and lights when you leave.
  12. FOOD/CONDIMENTS IN REFRIGERATOR. Any foods left by previous guests should be examined for expiration dates/contamination before use.
  13. BEDDING. Sheets are laundered between each groups’ visit. Please sleep between the sheets or in YOUR sleeping bag. Please do not sleep between the blankets/bedspread.
  14. WOOD STOVES. Do Not Build A Fire In The Kitchen Woodstove. Do Not Build A Fire In The Fireplace. Instructions for building a fire in the entryway wood stove are posted by the stove. Please follow the instructions. Firewood is provided in the outside room. Use what you need to keep warm. Do not build a fire and then open windows to cool off.
  15. MUDDY SHOES. If your shoes are muddy/snowy take them off before coming in. The designated “mud room” is the back room of the house. It is the preferred place to leave dirty/snowy/wet clothes. Hangers are available.
  16. PETS. You are responsible for the actions of your pet. Never leave pets alone inside the house. A cash/check $200 pet damage deposit is required upon check in. A small shovel is provided to clean up “pet-poo” in the yard. Please inform me of any “accidents” immediately, so we can clean ASAP. There are no leash laws in the area. If your pet is wet or dirty, please clean it up before letting it in the house. No pets on the furniture or beds. Freedom River is not responsible for any injury to your pet.
  17. DEPARTURE. Please advise me the day before departure of your estimated departure time. If you brought a pet, we can do a walk through at that time and return your pet damage deposit.
  18. CABIN CLEAN-UP. At a minimum, please, wash your dishes (including grill utensils), put your trash outside on the front porch, strip your bed, sheets in a pile and blankets/spreads on the bed, towels in a pile, if you made something excessively dirty (cook top, oven, floors, bathroom), make an effort to clean it up.
  19. There is a survey sheet in the sign in book. Feel free to make whatever comments you feel appropriate in the sign in book.
  20. Items available to “Rent”: inner tubes, fishing poles, bicycles, and some gold prospecting equipment.